Photo SNI 1964

Photo SNI 54 years later

USA Demunter Family Reunion

Demunter Genealogy in Belgium

663 Demunter François – Brouns Marie Barbe

770 Demunter Franciscus - Herregods Marie Genealogy

770 Herregods Genealogy up to Marinus (Marin) Herregods

1949 De Meyer Genealogy linked to Demunter through Franciscus Demunter born 13 Nov 1921
Met de hulp van Roger Delmeire. Made with the help from Roger Delmeire

1950 Sermon genealogy linked to Demunter through Barbara Sabine Demunter born 8 Nov 1923

1952 Debast Genealogy linked to Demunter through Marie Louise Debast born 29 Dec 1930 in Dworp BE
Made with help from Henri De Greef

1953 Smidts Genealogy linked to Demunter through Marie Julienne Smidts born 26 Jun 1934 in Lembeek BE

1954 Eloy Genealogy linked to Demunter trough Henri Demunter born on 19 Dec 1931 in Linkebeek BE

1955 Van Leeuw genealogy linked to Demunter through Modeste Chlothilde Van Leeuw born 19 Jul 1929 in Ruisbroek BE

1955 Vastmans Genealogy linked to Demunter through Hermaan Vastmans born 3 August 1931 in Neeroeteren BE

1956 Campeert Genealogy linked through Jean Baptiste Campeert born 22 Feb 1934 in Anderlecht BE

Guillaume Demunter Genealogy linked to Petersbourg through Joanna Matton

Eker Genealogy linked through Demunter Marie Anna born 18 Jan 1877 in Huizingen BE

Duson Genealogy linked to Demunter through Marie Anne Duson born 31 Oct 1841, the daughter of Michel and Petronille Demunter born 13 Jun 1813


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